Friday, September 10, 2010


Welcome to this new blog about our newest game in development called "After The Fall". It is true that ATF (short for After The Fall) has been in development for a long time. It has gone through many iterations and different game designs.

We are today working on a design that will really fit the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad experience. At its core, After The Fall, has always been a board game with a collectible card battle system with lots of RPG elements. This has not changed a touch. However, we are making the design more streamlined with less complicated combat rules and the story is only going to be a background story.

You will make the story yourself. Yes, you read it right! A random board will be generated using a themed-pack of cards of your choice. That board will be your playground for exploration, monster killing, treasures looting and, most importantly, receiving missions.

Everything you see and interact with in the game is, literally, a card. Each card has a very complex internal mechanism that the game engine can interpret in different ways. You can have tile cards (used for generating board map), item cards, mission cards, treasure cards, weapon cards, action cards, event cards, etc...

You will be offered to purchase (via in-app purchases) different pack of cards with unique themes and build custom decks of cards to make the best balanced adventure, YOU WANT.

A lot more details is going to emerge from this web site as the game evolves.